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Gezond & Zeker or Healthy & Safe

Welcome to the website of Gezond & Zeker, or Healthy & Safe, before known as the Ergocoach Project.

Healthy & Safe in the Dutch Healthcare Sector:

Tackling physical load and aggression together
A healthy and safe healthcare sector is something we all want. The ergocoach fulfills the important role of promoting fitter working by keeping you on the lookout for possible prevention of physical  load on the work floor. To ensure safety at the workplace, safety coaches are there to support you, and by doing so, pitch in to lessen aggression on the job.
Ergocoaches have become indispensible in the health care sector, and are employed by over 80% of heath care institutions in The Netherlands. They ensure that physical  load at the workplace receives the attention it needs and stimulate colleagues to work safely. Ergocoaches have risen out of the practice itself, a movement that started over 20 years ago. Research reveals that ergocoaches can contribute positively to the quality of healthcare and treatment of clients.
The safety of healthcare professionals is also an important issue. Safetycoaches play an important role at the workplace through aggression prevention. Safety coaches are healthcare professionals who, like ergocoaches, take on an extra responsibility alongside their regular tasks and commit themselves to the safety of their colleagues. They are the counselors to talk to concerning incidents of aggression, provide recommendations and see to it that policies in effect are followed.
The title ’coach’ implies that you  support and mentor your colleagues. You are the counselor and motivator and together with your colleagues, you determine whether certain activities can be less strenuous and how aggression at work can be reduced. You benefit from extra training in the basics of your field and coaching itself. You execute your job during regular office hours. Ergocoaches and safetycoaches can be spread over an entire health care facility.
Healthy & Safe
As a coach, you are never alone. To support new and experienced coaches in the field of physical  load and aggression, the Healthy & Safe project provides among other things informational and promotional material, regional and national gatherings, a website full of information and tips, etc. Healthy & Safe was initiated by the successful Project Ergocoaches.
At you can register yourself as ergocoach and/or safetycoach. You will then receive the magazine Gezond and Zeker (in Dutch) and the digital news letter. You will also be invited to regional workshops and trainings, and to a national event – the Healthy & Safe Event. When you register, you will receive an Aktieblok, a specially designed notebook for ergocoaches and safetycoaches.
Want to  learn more?
The project ‘Healthy & Safe’ is executed by the foundation RegioPlus and is supported by the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and  Sport. RegioPlus connects regional workplace organizations in the health care sector. If you have any questions concerning your activities as ergocoach, safetycoach or if are you looking for support, please send an email to

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